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Request : Adjustments when web clipping simplified article format

Andrew Lunde


Use web-clipping plugin all the time to keep track of what I've looked at and want to go back to.  When I clip a web page and use the simplified article format, I will almost always first select all the text of the note and then change it to san-sarif font.  My eyes like san-serif and it's easier to read.  I also want to bump up the size of the text, however, if I select all the text and select a text size, all the text becomes that size.  Most of the titles and headers are larger than the main body of text.  It would sure be nice to size everything up by a couple of sizes relative to their current size(or down for that matter).  If the plugin could save these settings a my default preference, it would save me a lot of time when I go to read the notes later.

There are very few things I'd change about Evernote.  Great job on this product.  -Andrew


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