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Looking to drag and drop from Evernote and another application, like Superhuman

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I'm not able to drag and drop files in an Evernote Note to another application, like Superhuman (my mail client). 

Is there an frictionless, intuitive way to do this?

User recommended that I check privacy settings. Gone through and any time there is an Evernote logo, have checked the box to give access.

But it still doesn't work. 

10.56.9-mac-mas-public (459840)
Editor: v168.1.20898
Service: v1.68.4


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1 hour ago, somaroovin said:

User recommended that I check privacy settings.

Hi.  You also attached a link to a suggestion that you should drag and drop to the OS first,  then from there to the email.  Have you tried that?

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