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Show ONLY the tags used in a given notebook

Bryan J


I've posted about this before, and the removal of this feature is the reason I am no longer a paying customer.  As soon as this feature is put back in, I will re-subscribe to Evernote.

It boggles my mind that this was removed.  I need to be able to open a notebook and then filter by tag while seeing ONLY the tags used in that notebook!  The current version requires me to either have to sift through all the hundreds of tags that I have, or to remember which tags are used in that notebook.

PLEASE put this feature back in Evernote!!  The legacy version is becoming more and more unusable for me.

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I fully support!!!
Make the function of viewing tags that belong to notes only in this notebook.
What kind of attention to users? Millions of users are waiting for this!
What workaround can you suggest now?

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No triple posting please.

Your enthusiasm is admirable, but dropping similar meaning posts all over the place just because you discovered yet another thread is not making the forum more readable. Decide one thread (usually the oldest with the most votes) and stick to it.

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