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Note templates for Teams



Note templates are a cute idea but they aren't very useful for business teams.  I'd like to suggest a few ways to make templates more Teams friendly.

1. Shared template galleries - rather than templates living in a personal gallery, allow teams (admins?) to create team galleries for shared templates.

2. Default template for team notebooks - allow the team (admin?) to set a default note template for new notes in a notebook. The template should be stored with the team notebook, and not require the user to install a template in their personal gallery. If you have access to the notebook, you have access to the template.

3. Add a template to the "suggested templates" in a new note - currently Suggested Templates includes a To-do list and a very limited list of Evernote-provided additional templates available under the Add More button. The user (admin?) should be able to add personal or team templates to the list.  Ideally this could be applied per-notebook (optional).

4. Open Gallery button under Suggested Templates should open to the personal/teams gallery by default, not the Evernote provided list.

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4 minutes ago, johnbizcharts said:

Note templates are a cute idea but they aren't very useful for business teams.

Hi.  Not sure how many business teams would be interested in third-party suggested templates either.  Much easier to create a template note and invite colleagues to duplicate it as necessary.  With (I assume) the majority of templates users being individual subscribers,  building in commercial options would also pretty much ruin the features for single users. 

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Been a while since I used Teams - briefly - but don't yuou have a 'library' you could allocate for templates?  If you're talking about individual personal accounts,  it's possible to export a note to ENEX and store the file in a desktop folder;  double-clicking the enex file will create a new note with that content.

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