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(Archived) Right click on tags to create sub-category tags?

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If this should be the case?

Originally I thought if I right click on a tag (make it green) and create a new tag, this new tag will be created under that selected tag, to form the hierarchy. But what I saw is that it's created under the root.

Is this what it suppose to be right now? If so, I would love to have this feature.

Thank you very much!!

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Unless I am completely wrong ...

No note hierarchy is actually built in EN3... or, if it is, it works very badly and is probably "in development stage"

In EN3, a tag will be created unpon right-click on a tag, and will be stored alphabetically in the "Tags main list"....which is not the logical behavior you would expect, I agree with you. If you wish to make that newly created tag a child of a specific tag, you have to move it to a "child position" by dragging and dropping...

Now, I repeat, the Parent-Child relationship does not really exist at this stage of development, and it is very frustrating if you wish to, say, see all your notes belonging to one Parent....no way unless you write them all in a search (everyone of them including the parent) with an any: keyword in front of them.

In EN 2.2.1 Tag Parent-Child hierarchy worked beautifully and we all miss it!!!



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