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Changes to Rate Limit Policies?

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Have there been recent changes to API rate limit policies?

I have an integration that has been active and worked for years without issue, but users are reporting (and I have been able to reproduce) rate limits being enforced after a very small number of API calls. The specific error returned is "Application reached hourly API call limit to Evernote."

I don't have a hard count, but it seems to hit that after only maybe a dozen calls.

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Not that we (users) would be aware of. They currently switch all servers to a new database structure, to support the new syncing.

Maybe bandwidth was restricted meanwhile.

To get a more solid answer, contact support.

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I get the same "reached hourly API call limit" error, in my case to an Apple Shortcut.  This occurs after just a very small number of calls, perhaps 10 in the past hour.

I just received the same error after about 3 hours of inactivity.  Might Shortcuts send out periodic "pings"?  Another Evernote bug?

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Same (Apple shortcut runs once; it fails afterwards); happening since I’m on the new sync mechanism.
I have already created a support ticket, but I have not received any feedback or a solution.

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From poking around a bit on the Evernote Reddit, my guess is that this is all connected with Evernote's new RTE (Real-Time Editing) data model. It's creating a lot of other bugs for me as well - data getting lost after editing in multiple places, huge delays when I open long notes etc. I think that Evernote is converting notes to the new format when you open them, and that causes the delays in the Evernote apps. I assume the intent would be to convert once, but in practice I'm seeing the delays when I edit notes I've already been working on as well.

My guess is that when you try to access or add to a note via the API, the API is simply not able to deal with this new background requirement so it's failing with an inappropriate error.

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Sure it’s related to RTE, that’s a known fact. 

Beyond that, the water gets muddy, since I observe the same: notes opened or even created AFTER RTE was rolled out show a similar lag.

That‘s unexpected and raises the pressure for a fix even more.

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Same here with shortcuts. After testing a shortcut 2 times the api shuts down due to too many api calls. This does it. Will move my Evernote notes to apple notes. Much more reliable on ipad and Mac. 

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Shortcuts or similar automation like Apple Script does not work with v10. This is known since the release 30 months ago.

The API is still based on the old data structure. It is known there can be a conflict with RTE. Some automation apps like IFTTT or Zapier have run into trouble as well, it seems.

If you want an official statement, contact support.

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FYI: The new Backupery for Windows, with which I create back-ups, regularly shows this same errors about too many calls and 'try again later'. I'm add the point I'd gladly pay twice the fee to get 10 times faster and unlimited API's.....

A question about the "Evernote usage has been temporarily exceeded. Your data will be received in 37 minutes." message, to which one of you maybe have a quick answer: 

If e.g. or some other client Backupery exceeded the limit and is put on hold by Evernote, will my other clients (e.g. Windows) also be on hold that same time, or can I work with that client on a seperate  API quota?

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  • Evernote Expert

I don't think I've ever seen anyone around these forums who is able to speak with authority about the API.

Some of us discover small things. I'm sure you'll have to find an Evernote staff member to find out this kind of stuff.

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