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Changes to Rate Limit Policies?

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Have there been recent changes to API rate limit policies?

I have an integration that has been active and worked for years without issue, but users are reporting (and I have been able to reproduce) rate limits being enforced after a very small number of API calls. The specific error returned is "Application reached hourly API call limit to Evernote."

I don't have a hard count, but it seems to hit that after only maybe a dozen calls.

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Not that we (users) would be aware of. They currently switch all servers to a new database structure, to support the new syncing.

Maybe bandwidth was restricted meanwhile.

To get a more solid answer, contact support.

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I get the same "reached hourly API call limit" error, in my case to an Apple Shortcut.  This occurs after just a very small number of calls, perhaps 10 in the past hour.

I just received the same error after about 3 hours of inactivity.  Might Shortcuts send out periodic "pings"?  Another Evernote bug?

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Same (Apple shortcut runs once; it fails afterwards); happening since I’m on the new sync mechanism.
I have already created a support ticket, but I have not received any feedback or a solution.

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