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PDF Annotation is so bad!



I don't understand why the PDF annotation in evernote is so bad. I paid for the premium mostly because of this feature and I am so disappointed. It's not intuitive and ergonomic especially on a tablet. Highlighting is so janky, sometimes the highlights get lost. I don't get why we can't use 2 fingers to scroll to another page like in GoodNotes, instead we click on the pages sidebar to get to another page? It's so slow and buggy. Talk about bad UI. 

I'm just relieved that when I choose for it to open in MS Edge/Preview, the things I annotate on Edge/Preview gets synced directly to EN, but it would be better if the native PDF annotation works! 

Will there be an update to this? Because I would really love to continue using EN. 

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EN bought an app called Skitch years ago. It is an annotating app, that still exists independently from EN as developer. But it was developed by another team, EN just bought it. So Skitch never got any real development, it still is this aged feeling, pixel based tool.

This is at the core of the EN annotation tool for pictures and pdf. As you say, you feel age and technology, and the results are inferior to nearly anything out there.

To make a bad story worse, annotation on iPads is broken by design. It works, but since it is still impossible to zoom in, the results are disastrous. The iPad would be the natural annotation platform, using the Apple Pencil. Without Zoom you can paint a red frame around the page …

Luckily I am on Macs, and luckily when I click on a pdf and select „Open“, it directly opens in the Mac‘s Preview app. There I have excellent annotation tools, and while I am still editing, the changes appear with a little delay in the pdf stored in EN. I can always Save as well, which updates the pdf in the note. When I close the window in Preview, editing stops, and the results are stored in the pdf in EN. 

For this reason I hardly ever use the annotation build into EN. I think they should get rid of the Skitch engine, and integrate something more modern.

And fix the Zoom on iPad, ASAP !

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