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Edits to most recent note appear to be overwritten

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Evernote is my to-do list, so I ride and die by what's in my notes. Twice in the past week I've had a note be overwritten by a past version, and there's no conflicting version of the note saved to my notes. 

e.g. I made a note yesterday, edited it this morning, and now the version from yesterday is the only version on my laptop. It says it was last edited yesterday.

Anyone else having this error? Any tips on how to resolve?

Thank you! 

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Yes, easy: Subscribe, you get access to note history and can recover any prior content (if it was synced to the server, that is).

Note history runs on all accounts, but access is a subscribers feature. You need a desktop client for access.

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Since I am another user, I can tell you what will probably work. I must not like it, but that's the only way to recover content - provided it ever made it to the server.

You can subscribe for a month of Personal, which is roughly a "large to go with flavor", depending on where you live. Remember, you used the app for nothing until this point.

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