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Desktop and Android App won't sync



The whole thing started out several weeks ago.
At first I had notes that overlapped, older versions got saved instead of the newer or I ended up with 2 versions of the same note.
Then on desktop the synchronization started lagging. Running and running and running...
At this point nothing would synchronize until I force synced my notes via the option in the Android app.

That worked for a week, the desktop app still constantly unsuccessfully synchronizing, so I had to do it manually via the app.
Some updates came and went and made things worse until the manual syncing via the app did nothing anymore.
At this point I started looking for solutions online, that was about one and a half week of this problem existing.

I found the advice here on the board, I think, that logging in and out or uninstalling and reinstalling the app would fix it.
So I logged out and back in and the notes were synched again. Now I had to do THAT everytime I wanted them synchronized.

Except, another week later, logging out wouldn't work. The desktop program completely started bugging, it just stopped working altogether.
So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it.
Interestingly directly after reinstalling, I did not have to log back in. The program acted as if I had never uninstalled the program; in fact, I was even still logged in and after taking VERRRY long, the notes loaded. Synchronized.

Except afterwards, they would still not synchronize at all anymore. In fact, whenever I'm using the desktop program now, notes will only be saved locally, but not uploaded to the server.
How do I know this? Because when I close and reopen the app they're still there. However, when I shut off my computer and start it again a while later (so all programs get fully closed) all progress is gone. If it was saved to the servers, I suppose it would still be there or at least show up on the Android app. But neither is the case.

On the phone app, everything gets saved just fine. But I need to work on desktop most of the time, so I need the app to work.
Right now the status is that the desktop app and servers won't synchronize or possibly not even connect. The program reacts extremly slow, haven't required that kind of patience using a computer since the early 2000s tbh. Just a comparison so you get a vague feeling of how slow. Be it the creation of a note, logging out, in, or anything really.
Saving and syncing does not happen at all.

I don't think there's a way to contact support via the free version, but I've seen a bunch of other people having the same problems since around late March and none have been offered other advice than what I already tried. So it's definitely not me alone and since everything else works, it's also not my computer not having connection to the internet or something. A bunch of people are affected and this has been going for almost a month for me now and just as long or longer for others.
I'm also fairly certain that the issues started right after an update in late March or early April... which would also match with the other posts on this issue that I've seen.

So how do I get actual Evernote Tech people to look into what's up with their servers and desktop app?

I'm already looking for alternatives to Evernote tbh, when previous to this issue I've seriously considered to upgrade my account to get an abo and use more functions, because it's a really cool app. But I don't want to risk investing a lot of money (for me, as a student) and then having the same issue, as this has been the case for some of the other users who's posts I've read to try and solve this issue. :(

I'm really at a loss, I've looked through the entire help and support options and read all articles even distantly related to this issue and tried everything but nothing worked.
I really think this is a matter for the Evernote staff to look into. :(

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