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(Archived) saving an "intitle:" search



I'm trying to simplify the process of searching note titles in a shared database buy setting up a saved search starting with "intitle;". The search works from the web, where it brings up a search box containing "intitle:" and searches correctly on whatever is added after that. In the desktop app, though, the same saved search bring up blank search box, with the description in the search bar of "all of the following titled with." As soon as I type something in the search box, though, the search bar changes to "all of the following titled with contains words starting with . . ." and the search becomes a full text search.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?


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if you have a saved search that's finding words in a title, and then you type another word in the search box, that will add another criteria to look for that second word anywhere in the body.


If you want to find a phrase, only in the title of a note, use quotes:

intitle:"green beans"

If you want to find separate words, but only in the title, use "intitle" twice:

intitle:Indian intitle:Beans

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What I'd like to do is set up a saved search that another user could click on, then enter a single word to search on in the search box and get the search results. The objective is to simplify the process of searching the title for less sophisticated users. A saved search on "intitle:" accomplishes this in the web interface but not in the desktop app. I'd just like to see the same behavior in the desktop app that I get on the web.


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Just to be clear: do you mean that you are trying to set up a blank intitle: search, like a form, such that a user can click on it, and just type in term that should appear in the title? Presumable you'd see 'intitle:' in the search field, and the carat positioned after it, ready to accept keystrokes?

Doesn't work that way, at least on the WIndows client. The saved search populates the search description field, but doesn't populate the actual search field, as nearly as I can tell. You're already seeing that behavior on the Mac, I'd guess -- that's why you're asking for it?


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