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email notes to (Mac app 10.55.2) issues

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If I send any mail to my Evernote upload address, it quickly pops up in the iOS App, but not  the Mac App.

My first test note finally synced about 15 minutes later but it created a DUPLICATE

I've sent a second test note, it appeared fine in the iOS App but so far it's been 18 minutes and nothing in the Mac app.

I've submitted a troubleshooting ticket.

Anyone else having this email note sync issue?   Evernote has been remarkably stable (thought I switched from Android back to iPhone, many issues went away).  

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The email is inserted to the cloud first.

How fast it appears on the clients depend on the sync from the server to the clients. Maybe the Mac client has a damaged database.

If it has more irregularities like slow startup, you can replace the local database with a fresh copy from the server:

  1. Go to the Evernote menu, Preferences, and uncheck „Keep data when leaving“
  2. Log out of EN (File menu), quit EN (cmd-q). When asked confirm "Remove Data from This Device".
  3. If you want to be very sure, restart the Mac
  4. Open EN, log back in, wait for it to run an initial sync. 
  5. Let the initial download run, and leave the app open. It will take a while to download the full content, for offline use.
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