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After Windows 10 reinstallation I am unable to sync/download any notes

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I've been using the Legacy version of Evernote (v.6.25.2) for months if not years with no sync issues on my Windows 10 PC. I recently decided to reinstall Windows on my PC due to machine running slow (mine is an older Dell laptop). Here's what I did:
1. uninstalled Evernote.
2. disconnected my PC from the list of devices connected to my Evernote free account.
3. reinstalled Windows 10.
4. reinstalled Evernote Legacy (v.6.25.2).
5. log into Evernote with my account.

Unfortunately I was never able to download one single note. When I try, after a few seconds of waiting, a small red exclamation point appears inside the sync icon. Looking into the Activity Log I found the following lines:
01:30:47 [ERROR  ] [5416] [7200] 0% EDAMSystemException: errorCode=INTERNAL_ERROR message="GenericJDBCException"
01:30:47 [INFO   ] [5416] [3756] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
01:30:47 [ERROR  ] [5416] [3756] * error: Sincronizzazione fallita a causa di un errore inaspettato sul lato server (*1)

Note that:
- I have no problem editing and then syncing my notes from an Android tablet.
- I have already tried most of the suggestions given at URL https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313378-Tips-for-troubleshooting-syncing-issues (Verify you're connected to the Internet, Restart your computer or device, Check Evernote Help & Learning, Check Evernote's status blog, Verify that you don't have more than two devices associated with your free account, Uninstall/Reinstall Evernote) without success.

Please help me as I heavily depend on Evernote for my work activities. Thanks a lot,

(*1) for your information "Sincronizzazione fallita a causa di un errore inaspettato sul lato server" in Italian means "Sync failed due to an unexpected server-side error"

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  • Evernote Expert

You could try uninstalling and reinstalling.  That might fix things.  Since you are working with the Legacy software which many of us have left behind it may be less easy to help you resolve this.

For sure we don't have lots of Legacy users reporting sync issues.  This would seem to relate to your OS reinstallation.  It is possible that you have mistakenly used an incorrect username/password pair and thereby created a new and empty account but that seems less likely.

Since it is a Free account then it is still possible that the reinstallation of the OS may now appear to Evernote to be a new device. Since you use an Android tablet and the desktop this OS change may be reporting itself as a new, third device. Free accounts are limited to two devices.  I would check the number of devices that Evernote thinks you have once more.  You can remove two devices from the list in a Free account in any one month period.  If you can get the number down to one then try loging out and back in to your Legacy application.



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Welcome to the forums, @Andrea27. Since you very wisely disconnected your PC from the list of devices connected to your Evernote account before reinstalling Windows, it seems unlikely that you've bumped into the device limit. It sounds as if you've done the things you could do on your own. If the problem persists (that is, if it was not a temporary Internet problem), you'll probably need to contact Evernote support, either on Twitter or by subscribing for just one month and going to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

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First of all thanks guys for your fast replay.

To agsteele
YOU: "You could try uninstalling and reinstalling".
RE: already done, unfortunately nothing has changed.

YOU: "It is possible that you have mistakenly used an incorrect username/password pair".
RE: nope.

YOU: "I would check the number of devices that Evernote thinks you have once more".
RE: I did it and, before reinstalling Evernote Legacy, the tablet showed to me that at that moment I had only associated 1 device. That is the tablet itself. To tell the truth, I doubted that the Evernote app installed on the tablet was providing me with incorrect information. But I couldn't/wasn't able to control this.

To Dave-in-Decatur
YOU: "you'll probably need to contact Evernote support".
RE: I already did. Despite the free account, someone from Evernote answered me. But they told me to install the latest version and give it a try. The problem is that, for various reasons, I don't like the latest version and, what's more, it eats up a good chunk of RAM in my old laptop...

Any other suggestion? Thanks anyway for your kindness and time.

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@Andrea27, please look at the post linked below, and the surrounding discussion there. That user reports the exact same sync failure with Legacy, but also that it resolved itself after awhile. This is to do with Evernote's new sync structure/architecture/whatever being rolled out gradually, and interacting with the Legacy app.


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To Dave-in-Decatur

Everything is possible in life but that there are such big synchronization problems for days without being able to download a single note albeit with the Legacy version... it seems to me very unlikely.
Despite this 2 cents thought of mine, I will follow your advice and try again in the next few days and let you know.

PS: as far as I understand (honestly, I didn't feel like reading the whole discussion carefully), their problem was related to a specific note while I can't download any note

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At the moment there is a staged rollout of a new syncing method. It may be they take servers down for it, switching over to the alternate. I would say "try again later" is probably the best we can offer.


It is unlikely that support will get involved, even if you send a ticket. Legacy is deprecated since more than 2 years now.

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Latest news that, at least for me, is really not very understandable: from the Legacy client interface I created a new free Evernote user and... voilà, for this user I have no problem syncing the newly created notes.

This is my 2 cent thought: I have a problem with my specific account (which however should not be the one to have already 2 devices associated with my free account).

What I think can be ruled out is that I have a problem with my "environment" (for example: operating system, Internet connection, conflict with other software) or with the Evernote Legacy client itself.

Can you help me find a solution other than...switching users? Please advise. Many thanks,

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It can be something broke with your legacy client.

There are additional option in the help menu, if I remember correctly you need to press the ctrl key before opening the help menu. If not, try opt/apt. These are repair options, maybe they fix something.

If not, with legacy you are more or less on your own.

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