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Filter by tag not updating

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Hey, I see some people have had this issue in the past but it's been recurring for me a lot recently. Has there been an update or a fix for this? 

I update tags on a note, either add or remove. I sync, then I go to use Evernote on my other device (iPad). I can find the tag I added but when I filter by that tag, it says no notes found or a number less than I have. Then the reverse happens: I update tags on iPad and can't get the correct list of notes filtered on my laptop. e.g. right now I have 30 documents with a certain tag on my iPad but the desktop app is showing 37. Those seven are notes I removed the tag from while working on my iPad. 

When I look at the notes that should not have the tag, they don't have it. But they're showing up in filter-by-tag results for that tag anyway. 

This is annoying to me because I mark the documents I plan to review with a tag on my MacBook Pro at home, then go out to work in a cafe or library on my iPad. Ideally, I would remove that "to review" tag as I go and then continue the work at home with only the remaining documents. If I can't find the documents I tagged to review OR if I have documents already reviewed with tag removed showing up in the filter, I end up replicating work. Also open to suggestions for a different work flow if there's no way to fix this. 

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Hi.  Sounds like a sync issue - are you allowing your devices enough time to update the server and update from the server before you start working?  If you are careful with this,  then I'd suggest you contact Support (which is not us) to investigate further...

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