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Any way of changing 'Note List View' of showing more than 4 cards across and reducing Preview size?

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In the Legacy Evernote, you could have 5-6 cards across on the Preview screen with a smaller Preview pane.

In V10, the max seems to be 4 Cards across. Any ideas if this can be increased?

Also the max of 50 notes being selected at a time is a huge pain. Any work around this?

Thanks in advance,


W 2023-04-21 at 8.40.45 am.jpg

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4 hours ago, Will18 said:

Does the recent update say you can select 100 notes?

There is a configuration file on your machine somewhere that you can manually update to go even higher than 100 also. You should be able to find it by searching in the forums for it if you need more than 100.

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