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Evernote shared links going to junk in Microsoft 365

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No „Hi Evernote“ here - just other users.

If you want a problem reviewed, you best ask support.

If all users belong to the same organization, I assume it is their security setting sending the link into quarantine. Since links are often used to stage a Trojan attack, some organizations disallow links in general, to mitigate the risk.

If it is MS doing it, you better have EN support talk to MS support.

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7 hours ago, rHendricks said:

Every time I share a link with anyone using Microsoft 365, it arrives in their junk folder

I assume you are using the automated system, in which case the recipient gets a message from no-reply@messages.evernote.com. This may be the problem because Microsoft probably sees that as possibly spam. 

If this is what is happening, you can always copy and paste the link into your own email and send it that way.

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