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Monthly Upload Limit not reset anywhere

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I have a Free account with the monthly upload restriction of 60 MB. I used all of that last month. Yesterday under Account/Account Summary/Monthly Usage, it stated that my limit would be reset in 22 hours (I registered to EN on the 7th). When I check the Monthly Usage today, it still shows that I have 0% available and that my limit will reset in 29 days!

The same is happening for the Android version, so it is not just a client error.

I have read through many threads, and for most people, it showed that the limit had been reset on the Web Client, but not on the Desktop Client. I have a different problem: The limit just did not reset and started the countdown for next month ...

Now sure what I should do. I have not found a forum to raise this issue with the EN Support. Maybe it is just my oversight, but if it is true that you cannot open a support ticket without having a paying account then it is a malicious practice.

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Your account limits may have been exceeded if you had unsync-ed notes waiting for the the restart and then they were uploaded and consumed all your data.

You are correct to identify that staff support is only available if you pay for support.  You can pay by the month by taking a single month subscription and cancel before it renews.

Nothing malicious. Providing user support costs money. It is one of the benefits of a paid subscription. Free users can access these user-led support forums or you can contact Evernote directly via Twitter @evernotehelps

Support for account and billing issues is available to all users at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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@BenToT360 The upload limit is for the account, all devices. If it is reached, none of the clients will sync any more.

This means all unsynced content will be queuing, AFAIK in the order of the original syncing date. Once the limit is lifted, syncing will resume. If there is more than the 60MB in the queue, it will digest the intake and stop again.

That‘s what you describe, and it’s the expected behavior. Depending on what is still in the queue, this can repeat itself.

Your best option is probably to subscribe for a month to Personal, moving the upload limit from 60MB to 10GB. This should be enough to get you back to a normal use of EN.

If you always wanted to sync stuff, you can even take advantage of the month with a higher ceiling. Just make sure individual notes are kept below 25MB. Larger notes can be viewed with Free, but they can’t be edited any more.

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