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Evernote & Google Drive

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I recently read of a way and implemented how to download PDF files to my Google Drive in a folder and it automatically imported into an Evernote notebook. In my case I created a folder in my Google Drive called "Taxes", and when I download a file into this folder, it automatically imports into my Evernote "Taxes" notebook. It works great and I would like to add more Google Drive folders that will import but now can't find the directions to set it up.

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Create Import Folders at location on your computer. They need not be in Google Drive. 

Create the folder(s) you require

In Evernote settings connect these folders to the notebooks that you want to use. 

These links will only work when the PC is running. They will catch up as soon as you start the PC and launch Evernote.

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I have import folders; this is different. This is used in a PDF document received in email. I've attached progressive screenshots. If I select "Taxes" for example it goes directly into my  "Taxes" notebook.




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You will have to have a conduit application to make this work. There's is not, to my knowledge, an automatic link from Google Drive to Evernote. It could be achieved with Zapier, IFTTT or, indeed, import folders.

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Just keep in mind this method has a downside as well: If the pdf is (re-)moved, the note will become content- and likely worth-less.

So all this linking business makes your Google Drive quite static, if you want to avoid data loss.

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On 4/14/2023 at 8:01 AM, Elshad said:

I have import folders; this is different. This is used in a PDF document received in email.

The video explains how to share an email attachment with a Google Drive folder,  which is mirrored with a folder on your hard drive,  which is,  as most have said on this thread already,  an Import Folder for a specific notebook.  It seems a long round-about way to do this,  but if it works for you...

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