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1.今天4/4, 但是,我的記事卻只儲存到3/29, 其他資料全部遺失。


3.我的mac 新版的圖片完全都不見了,顯示的是“截圖”字樣



截圖 2023-04-04 下午3.20.29.png

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It seems something is very wrong with your installation. The following procedure will cause the loss of unsynced data - data that is only saved locally.

Before wiping the installation, try to export all notes that are not synced. Only the exported content will survive.

After you saved what you want to keep, you need the app AppCleaner. You get it for free on the internet.

Use AppCleaner to remove all parts of the EN installation from your Mac.

Then restart the Mac. Download EN from the EN website. Install it, log in. It should work now.

Because all offline content was erased, leave the app open to allow it to download your notes from the server. You can check in the Mac activity monitor, tab network if the app is still downloading data..


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