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v10.54.4 app link is not working

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Hello All,

I've seen a similar discussion but it was more for web link and not note link...

When I setup a note link from one note to another - using the app link - the the program seems to want to go there but just refreshes the current note instead of going to the note I linked to.

Note Link Step:

  1. I press ALT-CTRL-L and the system copies the link
  2. I move to the new note and put the cursor where I want the link to paste. It doesn't matter if I press CTRL-V or right click and select paste
  3. After pasting, I hover on the note link and click

I've tried several of the things I found in the other discussion to no avail...



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Not a fix for the problem (I wonder if perhaps your local database has become corrupted; search for solutions in the forums), but a workaround would be to start from the other end. Don't copy the note link. Go to the new note instead, and either press Ctrl+Alt+K or click the blue + button and select Note link. That brings up a dialog in which you can type a couple words from the title of the note you want to link to in order to find and select it, which will insert the link in the new note.

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Thanks for the idea Dave, unfortunately that method didn't work either.

Interesting thing, came into work, booted up my laptop, the link I pasted yesterday worked...but only the first time I tried. Every time after that it would not work and trying to add new links would not work either.

BTW, I'm on Windows 10 Pro

EverNote v10.54.4-win-ddl-public (3978)
Editor: v166.1.20643
Service: v1.66.1

I'll have to try this on my personal laptop - also Windows 10 Pro - at home. I didn't get a chance last night.

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