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(Archived) EN 3 Still Hijacking EN 2 Clipper in Firefox

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Even with the newest update, the clipper for 3 is hijacking the clipper for 2. In fact, now, it's even worse - the hijacking happens right way, and not just after I restart FF.

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similar problem here--- I've had icon buttons for the clippers from both 2 and 3 in firefox. Prior to an update of 3 that was installed yesterday, both were working just fine. Now, if I press the button for 2, 3 automatically opens. It wouldn't be so bad but neither 2 or 3 is saving the note that I was attempting to save when pressing the clipper button in firefox. I will attempt to re-install the clipper extensions for both and see if that sorts it out. I still prefer to use both versions for the time being at least, though 3 automatically opening on this new configuration is definitely helpful.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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