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Evernote continualy syncing

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1 minute ago, gazumped said:

Is this a recent install?  If you have a lot of notes,  it may simply be that Evernote is creating indexes / local storage and generally getting your setup complete. 

no mate but I have started recording long audio lectures into notes?

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How do you see that EN is syncing ?

Do you measure the network traffic ? Then you could compare the size of the audio note with the quantity of data synced. Video, audio and picture files are taking up a lot of memory - all of it needs to sync.




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Yes - it tells you that 214MB were downloaded by the app, and 43.7MB uploaded.

If the only local activity in EN was creating the audio note, you can check in the note the size of the audio file. This should be in the range (there is always some overhead traffic) of the upload. The download is probably notes created or edited on other devices, and synced from the server to the local database.

EN always syncs with the cloud server as its hub. All changes sync to the server, and from there to all other devices.

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