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Change column width of Table in Evernote?

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Hi.  This is Evernote's general help on Tables - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053945033

You can - to an extent - 'force' a table layout by clicking the dropdown tab and setting the width to available window width,  by dragging the right most margin,  or by including enough characters (with the colour set to background) to widen a column. 

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14 hours ago, 2 REDTENNIES2 said:

Can you modify the width of columns in a Table?

If yes how? If not, that would be a useful feature.

Sure you can - on desktop and web. Just place the mouse pointer over the border, until it changes, then pull it where you want.

On mobile this doesn’t work. On these clients you can only resize the whole table to fit the note width - this results in x columns with the same width.

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