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PDF Orientation always rotated

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Hi Evernote Team,

Firstly, very much pleased with the initiatives and efforts around Evernote these last couple of years, lots of good improvement, new and updated features, very much appreciated. Good Work!


Not sure how best to describe this, but every time I print and use Save As PDF to Evernote the document comes in rotated counter-clockwise (I believe, or clock-wise, either way, still rotated), so that I have to tilt my head off to one side to read it which, of course, is not useful and some diagrams simply can't be interpreted sideways. Also when printing it will only print in that orientation unless I go through a series of manipulations to get it into Word or some other program where I can print it correctly from there. 

Trying to correct the orientation in Evernote is not possible as the Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Counter Clockwise simply isn't available for the doc, in Annotations the options are greyed out. 

So, in the end, Rotate in Evernote not available for these PDFs, but, of course, would prefer to not have to manipulate these PDFs in order to read or print them, in the first place, 



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On which version of MacOS are you ?

Both the print and the export dialogue show a preview of the pdf. If it is always tilted by 90 degrees, most likely there is an interference from your standard printer settings. Maybe it is set to landscape, which will tilt the page.

The dialogue works fine for me (EN 10,54, MacOS Ventura 13.3).

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@KWL works fine for me just fine on MacOS too with no rotation issues. I suspect the initial 90 degree rotate issue lies in the part before it gets into Evernote -- something the way something else is configured on your Mac.

However, once in Evernote, you can still fix the problem by double-clicking on the pdf to open it in Preview (if Preview is your default PDF viewer) instead of using the built-in PDF annotation tool and then, from Preview, rotate the page(s) the way you want and save it and it will update the document inside Evernote.

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P.S. Preview can work on several pages at once - open the marker tools, make your selection, click on the rotate button. If you want the other direction, holding down option key will reverse the rotation angle.

But s posted above, this has nothing to do with EN, it must be somewhere in the Macs print presets.

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