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Display a sort by location



I believe this option was previously available ... but not now !   

Now the search list can only be done by date or relevance ... by the way... how does one use "relevance"?

Anyway,  I want to sort a search list by location 

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1 hour ago, Bilbo said:

I believe this option was previously available

It's not only a feeling - it's true 😞
Moreover: EN10 does not allow to sort by reminder time and reminder done time! This last one cannot be displayed in list view.
All these are real show stoppers for me (to use EN10 as a successor of Legacy)

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I'm really not sure that sorting by location is entirely useful or intuitive whereas I do see that sorting by reminder time could be useful.  But each to his/her own...

It is still possible to search by location: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-Use-advanced-search-syntax

Professional and Teams subscribers can also search within a particular distance of a location.

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I think we may have fallen foul of Evernote's bizarre decision to sometimes refer to "notebook" as "location" while still managing to refer to location as an actual geographical place!


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