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(Archived) How do I add a folder of scans as notes?



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I wasn't able to find an option in Evernote to watch a folder, but what I was able to do was create a Folder Action.

Open up Automator, choose 'Folder Action'

On the left side bar, click Files & Folders

Find an action called 'Get Folder Contents', drag that to the workflow area on the right.

Then find an action called 'Open Finder Items'. There will be a drop-down box. Open that and choose Evernote.

At the top of the workflow area you should see a phrase 'Folder Action receives files and folders added to...'. Click the drop-down then 'Choose Folder'. Pick the folder that your scanner sends to.

Then just Cmd-S.

From then on, any files that you add to that folder will automatically be added to your default notebook in Evernote.

I know that this is a quick and dirty solution. I'm sure that there are elegant solutions using Applescript or something like that but this should satisfy most needs.

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