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Word documents (rtf, doc, docx, txt) not previewable, not indexed, not searchable

Rammy Leeds



I'm a  paid user and I take all my notes in Word documents, then tag and organize them via evernote. 
In the old version, I loved the way you can see pdfs, ppt, word documents and images in preview mode within the note - with no need to open them up.   And you could search for a term within those documents and evernote would find it.

But with the new version (evernote 10) - i can only see preview mode for images and pdfs BUT NOT FOR WORD DOCUMENTS.   And whilst search for terms in the body of a file works for images and pdfs and scribbled notes, the search function does not work any of the word documents and their contents.

This is a crazy step backwards.   It is instrumental that I, like many others, see these at a glance.  Otherwise, Evernote just becomes laden with friction.  Why did you remove it?  What on Earth made you think it was a good move?  Are you planning to put it back in? If so, when?    

I want the previewed word documents back, and please make them indexed and searchable.

And please do not tell me to DOWNGRADE to the legacy version.  THis is an unnaceptable solution as I work mostly on the web.

Please fix it

Bring it back

Dr Ram

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