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Some Notes Not Saving Changes

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I have been having a series of problems where specific notes suddenly become "corrupt" and stop saving changes.  I am hesitant to post this here, since I think it may have something to do with a Preview/Beta that I was formerly in, but I am not getting any response from Evernote support and have been removed from the Preview and the issues continue to come up on select notes.  I have been a dedicated Evernote user for 14+ years and strong advocate for the platform, but I am losing confidence in the app and feeling foolish for continuing to think a non-responsive Evernote support may resolve this.  Anyone else seeing these issues, or is this just limited to me?

As a bit of background... I was in this Preview/Beta, and encountered an issue a few weeks ago.  Submitted tickets and got an initial response requesting logs, then indicated it was escalated and stopped getting responses to messages.  This then happened again, and I created a new ticket and requested to be removed from the Preview.  There was no response, and finally after sending many more emails, they removed me from the Preview and I followed the instructions to uninstall all instances of Evernote, and the Preview badge went away.

Now this morning, three days after leaving the Preview, I had another note become "locked" and not save any changes.  I submitted another ticket, but they just don't seem to care about this issue.  

It is killing me to think about switching to a different platform, as nothing works as well as Evernote (when it works).  But I feel like a fool sticking with this product if there is no response after 3 weeks of these issues, and I could lose data at any time.  Any suggestions?

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Hi.  Sympathies if Evernote are being unhelpful - provided your notes are up to date and synced with the server (and I'd say its worth spending an hour or two making sure that's all done) - up to and including sending your note(s) to the server by email,  or exporting any troublesome notes to ENEX so that you don't lose anything.  Then I believe Appcleaner is the recommended uninstall route (by Forum members,  not actually Evernote).  It will remove every scrap of Evernote from your system and allow you a completely clean reinstall - so sign out of the app / appcleaner uninstall / restart your device / download and reinstall.

It may not fix your issue,  but at least that will make sure that you have now installed a plain vanilla version of Evernote and do not have any 'beta' issues causing problems. 

Restoring your system will take a little while depending on the number of notes,  so the weekend might be a good time to do it!  Good luck...

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Thanks for the recommendation Gazumped... haven't seen that "Appcleaner" recommendation, and will do that now.  I did fully uninstall according to the Evernote directions, but will try this as well.

The very very odd thing about this issue, is that the same behavior with notes not saving any changes occurs on the Web version of Evernote.  I also logged out of that one, deleted all cache and the same notes continue to not hold any changes.  The lack of response from Evernote after the issues is escalated is what I find most frustrating (and concerning)

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