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Missing note from after a new version

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Hello. I have an issue regarding everything I wrote after uploading the new version (Monday of this week). It is gone now. Evernote just froze and shut down, and I lost everything from this week, even though I had the latest version.
What am I supposed to do? I only have one account, and I tried uploading the legacy one but since my recent notes disappeared after the upload, noting was there.
Please help.

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Since the other thread was marked Resolved I deleted that duplicate post and left this one open.

I think we need a lot more information to offer any advice on the issue.  You "uploaded a new version" - of what?  A note?  Evernote?  Please explain in much more detail what has happened here.  Have you checked your account by signing in to Evernote.com?  All notes are synced back to that server which is the parent copy relayed back to any device you sign in from.  If your notes aren't there,  then check the Trash notebook.  If you still can't find your notes you may wish to contact Support (which is not us).

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