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It's unbelievable that I have achieved 100,000 notes limits and 100,000 tags limits!!help!!

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Before, I had reached the limit of 100,000 notes, but later I solved this problem by merging notes.

The limit of my tag count has also reached 100,000, but deleting tags would be painful for me because I won't be able to retrieve them in the future. I don't know what to do.

Let me describe my use case. I like to import many books that I enjoy reading and use a tagging structure to simulate the table of contents of the books. This makes it easier for me to locate specific sections of the PDF content using Evernote's tags. However, since each book requires approximately 100 tags, the maximum number of books that Evernote can support is only around 1,000 due to the 100,000 tag limit.

I don't mind spending some extra money to have Evernote increase this limit, but I don't want to create another account because that would require me to open two windows and search twice every time I use Evernote.

I have been using Evernote for over 10 years.I have also considered switching to other tools. If there were a tool that could manage multiple PDF files and extract their bookmark metadata, and then structure them based on a tree structure, that would be very cool. Then, I could directly locate specific positions in a PDF file by using the tag tree.

I kindly request the advanced experts at Evernote to help me with this issue, as I believe others will also gradually encounter limitations in the number of notes and tags. This issue is truly causing me a lot of pain.

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I organize my knowledge structure into a tree-like multi-level structure, which Evernote does well. Then, a certain layer of tags represents a PDF file, and the next layer of tags under this represents the directory tree of that PDF file. This way, I can use Evernote's tag search function to directly locate the directory of this PDF file.

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Because I have collected many high-quality best-selling books, I can group and categorize these PDFs. Later, I can use Evernote's tag tree to search, which allows me to better understand and summarize the common knowledge points involved in these books of the same category.

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Essentially, I have transferred the directory trees of these PDF books to Evernote's tag tree, forming a mapping relationship. I can manage the directories of these numerous PDFs through Evernote's tag tree, as if I have my own personal library and can quickly browse and search through it.

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22 分鐘前, RobertJLee說:


I'm a newcomer. My English is not good meanwhile.  Thanks to everyone who give me good solutions. 
I have had to delete some tags recently.
I hate the guy who defines stupid limits which causes me a lot of pain.

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My use case involves managing a large number of PDF files using Evernote, and using Evernote's tagging function to locate specific content within the PDFs. Therefore, I need to manually copy the directory tree of the PDF files to the Evernote tagging tree, and split a PDF file into multiple smaller files so that the tagging tree can directly point to the content I want. This scenario will result in a large number of small files and tags. However, this usage method can help me search more efficiently.

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The limits you are experiencing are fixed and hard. There is no solution other than reducing the number of notes and tags.

It seems that Evernote is not suitable for what you are attempting to do.

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If you want to hoard documents, you use the wrong tool. Get a professional DMS for your use case.

EverNOTE is still a note taking and keeping app. If you would add notes to your documents, we wouldn’t need to see this thread. You would be busy writing them ...

On a Teams plan you can store up to 500.000 notes, shared among all account members. But again: Get a DMS, you are using the wrong tool.

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No solutions here - I agree with the other comments;  I've been using Evernote since forever and I have 61,000 notes - the number is growing only very slowly now because I merge notes and delete many that no longer apply.  I don't think I'll get to the 100,000 limit,  but like you I am aware of it and I will take action to avoid reaching it.

I'm sure software is available to help you store and analyse your material - you might like to look at https://infranodus.com which could help with analysis,  but not storage.  It could help you view compare information from two databases - but it too has limits on how much information it can process.

You're talking to (mostly) other users here - you should certainly raise this with Evernote Support to see whether they can propose any other solutions,  but I'm afraid we can't help you here.

Support is here:  https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

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