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Export / share stack of notebooks and notes?

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Hello -- been searching through many varieties of this question on the forum, but no answers.

Problem: I have been invested in carefully structuring a large research folder (20+ notebooks in a stack) over 15 months. I'm now responsible for sharing this stack of notebooks with an important stakeholder in the way it has been organized - cohesively and in one place.

I'm not finding a single, effective way to export/share a stack of notebooks.

  1. How can I do this?
  2. I'm on Evernote Premium.
  3. Does Evernote Professional do this?
  4. Does Evernote Teams do this? 
  5. If I upgrade to Professional or Teams, it would only be for the purpose of getting this done. Will the shared stack remain intact after downgrading?
  6. Are there any third party plugins or tools that do this?
  7. Any suggestions?

I must say, this is very frustrating. I'm a very longtime Evernote user and I keep bumping into issues that should be no-brainers for a power note app. This is definitely one of them.


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7 minutes ago, sadfasdfsdf said:

I'm not finding a single, effective way to export/share a stack of notebooks.

Hi.  You're right.  There isn't one.  Stacks are a personal choice allowing users of individual notebooks to group them as they see fit.  It's not (and never was) designed to be a way to  provide shareable websites.  Stacks can't be exported or downloaded - the only way to export from Evernote is to send each notebook to individual ENEX files.

You could share the notebooks with your users,  but that will require them to have Evernote accounts and to group the notebooks into their own stack. 

You could use a third party application - https://postach.io - to publish these notebooks as individual blogs,  and - with some HTML expertise - you could provide a Home Page linking them together.

I can't think of any other alternatives,  but others might be able to help.  At the end of the day,  you were trying to use Evernote for something it was never designed or intended to do.  Not Evernote's fault that they failed...

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54 minutes ago, gazumped said:

At the end of the day,  you were trying to use Evernote for something it was never designed or intended to do.  Not Evernote's fault that they failed...

I appreciate your reply and thank you for the suggestions.

I fundamentally disagree with the idea that "it's not Evernote's fault" that they implement weak versions of features and/or remove valuable ones.

  1. It is impossible to claim that Evernote is not designed to share information collated in their product. Evernote has designed share functionality and implemented it in their production releases. It's there. You can see it. It's a big green button on notes. It's a top-level menu context menu on notebooks. This presence is incontrovertible evidence that they have intended to feature share functionality in their product. The problem is not that users are "doing something Evernote wasn't designed to do" because sharing functionality is literally there! The problem is that the share functionality is does not follow the logic of the object heirarchy.  It is implemented for some objects and containers but, mysteriously, not for others. 
  2. The forum is shot-through with requests for better versions, complete versions of this functionality. If you're going to build share, build it completely and correctly and in a way that has basic parity with other tools. That's what users have been saying, presumably since 2014 or even earlier.
  3. It's a common refrain in these forums to provide excuses for Evernote (e.g. "Evernote was never designed to xyz!"), but the market and user desire is clear, reasonable, and repeatedly expressed. This is the Internet Age -- actually the post-internet age -- and canonical features like sharing (or Tables of Contents, or sortable tabular data) are hardly places where products in this category can fall short. This is a product development issue.
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Just now, sadfasdfsdf said:

that they implement weak versions of features.

Evernote have never offered the feature you're looking for,  nor have they claimed much other than notes or notebooks can be shared to others.  What they do offer is working fine.  It's unfortunate they don't go further,  but that's not a failing. 

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I have to agree with sadfasdfsdf.  When I first looked at Evernote, I wanted an organiser app - such as Lotus Organiser and found Notion. However, I did not like the limitations of how pages were organised. Evernote sold itelf on the ability to compile "Notebooks" and not just individual notes in  a directory. Stacks was part of that process. This was a plus, for me and I organised various notes into what I thought was a notebook, only to find that it became a Stack. Then I find that I cannot export the stack with its structure, I feel misled. The one notebook I have exported only has one note in it, so that is no different than exporting a single document. While I still like to actually write in Evernote, it's structuring features and the export function have not lived up to the hype on the website. Evernote supports features in use that are not supported when exporting. Every other program keeps file structures, but Evernote strips them out. This is a fault, so don't blame the user!. 

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