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(Archived) Lockup with Chinese notes in Evernet

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I reported previously a clipping problem in Chinese web content http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=6036, in which evernote lockup for half a minute or hang completely and I have to close it from TaskManager.

While this particular behavior is not fixed in the new 3.0.0582, I notice the same lockup happens when I copy Chinese text from MS word (Office 2007). The lockup is particular prominent with large amount of text. Loading of large number of English text is quick, loading large amount of Chinese takes substantially longer. Upon clipping from a Chinese webpage/Word document, the program locks up; same thing happen when I try to search the tag that contains the Chinese note. I'm not sure if this only happens to large text, as the lag time for small text is not as long.

I find it helpful to copy the original text from web/word to windows wordpad first and then copy/paste onto evernote from wordpad. Then loading is substantially faster and no serious lockup is observed even for large documents. I'm not sure if it's because wordpad removes some html/xml format codes from the notes. At any rate, this render evernote clipper completely useless for Chinese content.

Evernote is by all means a wonderful concept and program. I'd be most grateful if this problem is addressed.

Thanks a lot!

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We definitely read every post, but don't always have a good response at first.

You can also submit bugs via the Feedback link on the web pages, since that allows you to give all of the extra information at once.


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