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Evernote Password Reset link opens Coinbase app

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Hi.  This is the forum for Evernote Teams,  which is a business product.  I assume that's not you,  but if it is please see your in-house Admin staff,  because the forums are (mostly) user-supported. As a subscriber,  you could also contact Support.

If you're not a subscriber,  or are using another product,  please tell us your device / OS / Evernote version,  and explain in detail what exactly is happening here - because (for instance) I don't know where your reset email is being sent from,  or what you did to request it.

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On mobile ... iOS or Android ?

... the Coinbase app ... password reset ... link ... is it so difficult to describe what you do, and what happens ?

Or you just want to drop a fact, to let us other users know. Because this is a user forum, we are not support.


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(vague suspicion, dodgy app)

Coinbase may have full access to other apps and user data, if so, get rid of it.

Google Play tells me that this app is compatible with all my devices, however, the install and wish links are dead


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