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Salesforce Integration error "Could not retrieve your user urls. XHR error event" after switching SF to "enhanced domains"

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once we updated SF to "Enhanced Domains", as required in upcoming version, our Evernote integration stopped working completely.

We tried reverting SF back to not using enhanced domain, but it did not resolve the issue.  We love using EN in SF, and this is really disrupting things for us. We're probably going to have to look at new solutions if we can't figure this out.


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The integration is only available for EN Teams accounts.

If you are on a Teams account, or has an admin. Contact your admin, he is the person to contact support. To arrange for a Salesforce Integration, support needs to be involved anyhow.

If you are not on an EN Teams account, you are out of luck. No Salesforce integration, unless you go for EN Teams.

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