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(Archived) Switching to thumbnail view ???

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The Windows client does not yet include a thumbnail view, but this is in our plans for the next few months.

The web UI uses thumbnails by default, but you can switch to a "list" view via a button on the UI.

The new iPhone interface shows a thumbnail of every page next to its title and date.

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tnx Dan,

great tool. I am using the Iphone camera to record notes / books / stuff - and EN looks like it was designed exactly for that kind of stuff.

will u have an option ( or maybe do you have... ) for add-ons or an API ??


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We are going to expose an external client API for the service in the next few months that would allow other clients to integrate with the service. We also plan to do some light scripting interfaces for the desktop applications, but that may take a little longer to finalize.

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