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Minimum window size in new Evernote for Mac

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Hi everyone,

thanks for the new application. I particularly like the new syncing infra, which allows for opening most notes snappily, even on bad connections. Great!

Unfortunately, the new version also introduced a minimum window width requirement. I am unable to make the window smaller than half my screen (on my decent mac monitor), on my second screen (with lower resolution) it even fills two thirds of it.

That is completely unnecessary for most note taking and makes working with it across two or more applications less productive. It is for instance hard to take notes of a virtual presentation unless i have a second screen (since otherwise the presented slides are too small).

Is there a setting I can tweak somewhere to give me back the lost screen estate! That would be wonderful, thanks!

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It depends on your screen settings. If I take it to max resolution on my Mac mini, a window has 9.5cm in width (32" monitor, 4k). Showing in the app it is a little less, but then you have the other panels in the app. When I expand inside of the app to full screen, it is more, like 15.5cm. When I reduce the resolution, the windows grow in size.

So 2 hints:

Go to the finest resolution that you still feel comfortable with.

When you want to keep notes open, the smallest size you get when choosing "Show in a new window".

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Good options given by Pink Elephant. There is no setting in Evernote that allows you to shrink the overall minimum window dimensions.

Here is a visual difference of what the difference is between the minim window height and width with the note in the "main" Evernote window and it in it's own "new" window:

Minimum window size when the note is in the "Main" Window:



Minimum window size when the note is in the "New" window:



The "new" window can be approximately 60% the width and 70% the height of the note when it's in the main window.

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I am at the smallest resolution already (exclusively due to evernote actually).

The "Open in new window" is welcome news to me, thanks! Any keybindings for that (i could not find any)? I usually just jump around notes with Cmd + J.

Where would one lobby for loosening the constraint? I don't really understand what the reasoning is?



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For anyone, who wants to dig into this in slightly more detail, the javascript function where the specific `minWidth: 840`, `minHeight: 480` parameters are set is in `getMainBrowserWindowOpts` in `main.js` of the extracted Electron `app.asar`.

Removing them allows to freely resize!


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