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Web clipper and corporate security

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Our company has a corporate proxy and firewall that monitors all actions for uploading data.

Will it be tracked that I save sites through a web clipper?

That is, they will be able to see how I upload something from the computer to evernote?

Or is it directly?

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The web clipper uploads pages using standard web protocols. If your company is monitoring web traffic from your browser it will see connection to Evernote.

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If directly means from the browser to the local client, the answer is no. The web clipper uses the API to the EN server.

But even if it would create the note right on the same device, this note would sync. And this creates traffic directed at EN as well.

In general I would avoid all activity on a company network that may violate the rules set by the company. Everything that happens on a company network and computer technically can be monitored by the company IT.

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