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Check double URL in webclipper



I have sometimes multiple copies of a webpage in my Evenote. That's because I used the webclipper multiple times on the page by accident, when I do Google searches. Can the Webclipper warn against a double clipping?

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No, it can't. It uses the API to send new content into EN, which is one action. 

It is not practical to check for duplicates. Even if it is the same URL, the page may have changed from when it was first clipped, or you may have edited the first version. To catch all this is nothing that happens easily, and you won't wait and sort it out when you actually want to move content.

You can find notes containing an URL by advanced search syntax, and get rid of the duplicates there. It is an extra step, but you have better tools there than in the restricted view the API allows for there web clipper.

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