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Sharing enabled automatically on new notes

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Sharing is automatically enabled on all new notes soon after each one is created. See sequential screenshots.



This behavior began on or about Feb. 24. Sharing has had to be manually disabled on notes created since that time.

  1. Are other users noticing this odd and alarming behavior?
  2. Is Evernote aware of this?
  3. Is there a way to stop new notes from being automatically shared?


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13 minutes ago, quentinleo said:

Is Evernote aware of this?

Maybe a support ticket would help,  if you are a subscriber?

Do you use any automation tools like Zapier when creating a new note?  If not,  how are these notes getting to your inbox notebook - clipper? Email forwarding?  Also:  what type of sharing is activated here?  If the public URL is switched on,  the notes are available for anyone with that URL - but you should find that with a search from your search-engine-of-choice,  the contents of any note are still behind Evernote's firewalls - they're not easily findable.

All that said I have no idea how this is happening,  and I hope you find out more soon...

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A support ticket was opened yesterday.

2 notes were created using the same IFTT recipe. All others (70) were created in the EN Editor, email, or ScanSnap > import folders on each computer and mobile device I use. 

Public sharing is activated on each note. One note was addressed to an email address I'm familiar with. That note had edit and invite permissions. All other shared notes allowed viewing content only.

P.S. IFTT is now turned off. TBD if that's the fix. Tx for the suggestion 👍

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Resolved: Auto-sharing was enabled by an IFTT recipe intended for publishing specific notes to WordPress.

The recipe went rogue and published each new note instead. The recipe is now turned off. All is well. 

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