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Upload Quota Limit Discrepancies

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Hi Folks,

I am getting an upload limit error even though my month just restarted and I have been cautious about not uploading large files.

The previous month I had hit the limit and have been waiting for the quota to restart so there should not have been many or any large file uploads.

Additionally, when I had hit the limit last month and this month, when I check the upload availability, both times it showed that I still had more upload quota available.

Any ideas about what might be happening and how I can fix the issue?

Thank you for your time 🙏

Upload Limit.png

Upload Availability.png

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Third looks like a problem that Evernote Support will need to fix.  I fear that your only option will be to wait until it works out pray for a one off access to support by subscribing for one month. That will, of course, also lift the limits for the month by which time you will be able to return to free.

You could see if logging into the support ticket as a guest might give you free support for this issue.

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One possibility is that there have been pending uploads from the old period. When the limit is exhausted, uploads are not erased. They are queued, and will upload the moment the upload limit is lifted.

To be sure ask support. They assist Free users on account issues - just pick the right ticket type.

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