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Evernote Legacy

Alan S. Goldberger


How could Evernote be improved"
Bring back Evernote Legacy. With the current web and Windows editions, at least 1 note must be open — and take up nearly ½ the entire screen — at all times. In the prior versions, the layout was such that you could see your list of notes and notebooks and, if desired select a note to look at. Since the past few revamps of the program, approximately half the screen is devoted to displaying at least one note at all times, whether you want to see it or not.  This makes not one bit of sense to me, especially since a simple fix would allow the pane to be narrowed down or eliminated by dragging the cursor to the right. Then the program would regain its usefulness. This is why I am looking for a replacement. Other than this major defect, I love the program for the past 10 years. I am hoping that a correction can be made in this regard, so the user has a reasonable choice.
Last Spring, I upgraded to Professional because the promo stated that “customization” was available for the home page. This was a severely limited “customization” ; so I   returned to my prior level and have been looking for an alternative to EN ever since.  Having no way to hide the presence of one note at all times is more than annoying. It makes the program much more difficult to work with than the prior version.
2. I tried to revert to Evernote Legacy for several months; but the lack of support and attendant malfunctions in syncing made it impossible to sustain.  Nevertheless, it was superior to the current version. I find that having no way to hide the presence of one note at all times is more than annoying. It makes the program clunky and much more difficult to work with than the prior version.
2. Evernote should allow the Note panel to be removed from view, at least in the "Side View"; or even  allow it to be minimized or greatly reduced, so the user can see their list of Notes. I do not see any reason why Evernote cannot enable hiding the NOTE panel on the right side of the list of notes. It takes up far too much space and is unnecessary. When I want the list I do not want half the page taken up by a note. If I want to visit a note I can do so. This was a terrible change and now the note takes up more space than ever.
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I accidentally downloaded the new version today which uninstalled legacy. There should have been a warning. I had been running the two in parallel for months. When the computer that still has legacy dies I will stop paying for evernote. I have tried for over a year to use the new version and I STILL HATE IT. I don't see why they could not have left legacy alone

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You can ask support to get the link to the legacy installer. It was available before, but this link is not showing any more.

You can then install again.

This does by no means say that legacy gets an extension. It already is on borrowed time.

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Luckily I had a note with a link for the download that still works and so I just have legacy back. When it stops synching that day I stop using Evernote. There is much to be said for the new version but there are a couple of things that for me are essential and better in legacy. I have asked for these things 

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