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Добрый вечер, пожалуйста помогите.
Как мне совершить продление подписки в вашем сервисе, я в нем очень нуждаюсь, по ранее привязанной карте оплата не проходит.
Я готов оплатить другим способом, подскажите каким.


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This could be an effect of sanctions against a country who believe that "special military operations" against peaceful neighboring countries are a good thing.

You need a means of payment that is not under sanctions, and how you can obtain it, I don't know, since I don't know about your circumstances. If you are outside of Russia, you should be able to arrange for payments. Inside of Russia I doubt it is possible - nobody want to do business any more, since "business as usual" is over.

Slava Ukraini !

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