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Linking Notes and Graph View

Excited Evernote User


Hi All, 


I am a long term user of Evernote and will remain loyal to the solution given the volume of notes in it. 

In addition to my GTD (David Allens Getting Things Done) implementation, I want to more proactively use evernote for my ZETTELKASTEN system and therefore need (1) better linking capabilities and (2) graph view -- using obsidian terminology. Obsidian has great solutions for those and makes it really good for Zettelkasten implementation however I would like to use evernote for that and would therefore need those two features. 

Given that this will be cricial feature(s) and trust you have this already on your tech feature roadmap; as a result would appreciate if you could kindly guide when we could expect solutions to come online. 


Many thanks, trusted user since 2014 :)



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  • Evernote Expert

Thanks for your suggestion. A reminder that these forums are mostly users helping users. If you want to be sure your ideas are seen by Evernote staff  you might want to also submit them via Feedback in the apps or a support ticket.

Whatever, even if your idea is adopted, it will be some time (I would say many months) before it was implemented. If this is critical to you you may need to consider which other application can give the graphical view you desire.

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