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(Archived) Petition opera support plugin

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The problem is not with the plugins, actually. The problem is that Opera is (and always was) bad at putting the properly formatted HTML into the clipboard. AFAIK, it puts only the plain text version of the page selection.

You can use the Universal Clipper that comes with Evernote to clip that plain-text representation of the web page selection in Opera, or use it clip screenshots of web pages.

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thanks iafanasyev for the reply,

regarding the plugin is because i dont really see any plugin support for opera available, im not really well-versed with the html format, although i found one software that could really capture the whole page of a site not just part of it.(i just dont know how the program does it) so theoretically its possible for evernote to have this feature.

the programs name is local website archive and here is the link http://www.aignes.com/lwa.htm#download

could the developers kindly look at this? it can really capture the whole page in opera with just one click, and the format was retained and it was fast

im not really a big fan of the universal clipper because i clip tutorials i.e. photoshop for review later, that has several pictures and at least a couple of steps. it won't be productive if i clip a step one at a time. my workaround is to copy the address that i liked, load it up in internet explorer and there clip the whole page with just single click. its faster but kinda tiring to do. and ie is not really fast in loading pages.

is it possible to add in the universal clipper to do a snapshot whole web page? i think this would do for opera if the html format is not correct in clipping.

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