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Evernote not accepting change to my log in email address



I want to change my email address in my personal Evernote professional account. This is because we want to set up a company Teams subscription and I need to free the current email address for this purpose.

Following the instructions here

Change your account login email address – Evernote Help & Learning

The email address doesn't change. The change process appears to work, I get the confirmation email to my new account and click on the button that says Verify Email Address and I am then given the chance to log back into Evernote, but the new email address is stated to not be an an valid log in email.

Any help or guidance appreciated.


PS How do you make direct contact with Evernote support? It may be on the website but it is carefully hidden away (not a great sign of a customer facing organisation). The contact us page describes additional support options to logged in users, but when you move from being logged in to web site pages for support, it treats you are not being logged in.

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