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One problematic issue and one suggestion



The problematic issue is most times it takes numerous taps on the Insert, font size, Color change, Bold, etc., and sometimes they simply do not respond until I restart my browser. I'm on a mac by the way and my browser is Safari.

The suggestion is to maintain the page of the PDF I'm currently reading, even if I leave that note and come back to it later.

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If you work with he web client, every edit you do needs to go to the server, and back to your browser. When it feels unresponsive, watch at the address field: There will likely show a blue line, moving left to right. This means that the last edit has not yet reached the server, and be send back. While this is not done, the next edit will not be accepted.

If you are on a weak internet connection, the desktop client is a better choice.

On the desktop client you can as well open any PDF directly from EN in the Preview app. You just need to keep the EN window open, if you want to make changes, and save them back into the original note. This does not work with the web client.

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