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change header format across all notes



I am new to ENote. I am finding it frustrating to change the header styles to what works for me. First, you seem to have to do it NOTE by NOTE, which is incredibly inefficient. Second, IT DOESN'T ALWAYS WORK when you update a header style to match the edited format. For example, the font size remains per the default even after updating the style several times.

I searched for help on this topic but found nothing. Of course, that could be because I don't know where to look, or haven't used popular search terms. Looking forward to ChatGPT being integrated into help forums generally. :)

Thanks for any assistance. T

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Oh, sorry, I didn't mention I have a paid subscription now not a 'free account'. But I assume given what's going on I still have to create my own template and use that rather than rely on the built-in (not working) update style method. Cheers

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With a paid account you can save your own templates in the Evernote template repository so instead of duplicating the note you can just create a new note based on the template when you need.

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