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No longer receiving updates on forum issues



I am no longer receiving updates on forum issues which I have been following for quite some time.   Not sure if it's related to the fact that my email provider was down from 23 - 26 January 2023...  

Is it possible to set a different email address for forum updates as opposed to my official Evernote email account ?  
Many thanks for any help/advice on this !

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22 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

You can go to your forum account settings and simply give it a try.

Maybe emails got returned when your provider was down, which caused an automatic blacklisting / unsubscribe from the notifications.

Thanks !  I wanted to change just the forum email account.  Can I do that without changing my Evernote email account ?  Are these 2 separate email addresses ?



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There is only a single account for the Forum and Evernote:

"Since 2011, Evernote has used a single sign-on (SSO) model where users authenticate to the Evernote Service and an authentication token is passed to the third-party site for access into the forum. The third-party never sees or stores an Evernote user's password."

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With 15 posts it may be a solution to simply create another Free account, using the second email address, and start a second forum account through it.

On the other hand this seems sort of overkill for the initial problem posted here.

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