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Photos are missing




I haven't used my account in a couple of years and logged in and all the photos I uploaded are missing.  All the text is still there.  What happened to the photos and can I get them back as he text makes more sense with the photos.

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There is a function in the background called note history. It is running for all accounts, but access is a subscriber feature.

You could subscribe to Personal for a month to unlock it. Then go to one of the notes and check if there is an older version you can recover.

Else subscribing gives you as well access to support.

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3 hours ago, Korina said:

So access to photos uploaded has been restricted to subscribers?

No - that isn't the case. What they are saying is that sometimes a person could accidentally delete some content from a note (or two) or perhaps there is some kind of sync conflict and the Evernote software (incorrectly) deletes your content. If you are a subscriber then you can use the note version history feature and restore the note content from a previous save point.

In your case, you make it sound like this is happening across every single one of your notes that has pictures. How are you accessing Evernote -- through a web browser or Desktop or mobile? Are you using a VPN or accessing the app in a country that could potentially be geo-blocked? I've seen a few other forum discussions that point to this being a possible culprit.

Here is one such thread (but reverse where the poster couldn't add photos) where it was an issue with geo-blocking until the poster used a VPN -- then it worked:


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Thanks so much.

Yes every photo is now gone and there were multiple photos in each entry.

Tried accessing on mobile & laptop and still no photos.

I'm in Australia and not using a VPN.

I've no idea what to do or if I can possibly even get them back. :( 

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