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tasks available on chromebook version



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Don’t know what you are asking for: All clients receive their updates in an update cycle. The desktop apps and the web client are one group, the mobile clients the other.

It may be you blocked the updating yourself, however. Make sure in your account settings, personal settings the checkmark at web client - enable web client v10+ is set. If not, you restrict yourself to the classical  client, that is grandfathered.

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Yes, that is checked.

I am asking for tasks to show up on the chrome web browser on a Chromebook as they do on windows chrome. It's the same browser on both.

I get a message that it has been released on the newest version of Evernote but not this version. I am running the web version that they have so it should be the current version. Is there a different URL for the new version of Evernote?

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17 hours ago, kshivner said:

Is there a different URL for the new version of Evernote?

Nope - it's the same URL.

And, just to confirm, you are running Evernote in the chrome web browser on the Chromebook and not running Evernote as an Android app on the Chromebook -- right? I noticed earlier in your initial post you ask about it running in the Chrome browser, but then I just barely noticed that you posted this in the Android forum. The new Evernote (version 10) won't run on Chromebook as an Android app for Android version 9 and below: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/5261520558867-Evernote-for-Chromebook

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