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Password Protect a Folder



I love to journal. I've used it for decades as a personal therapist. I use Evernote to capture everything for work and home and I would love to do so for journaling. It has all the features I want - adding photos, sketching, saving to the cloud. The problem is that since I use EN for everything, others will sometimes look at my app to retrieve information both family members and colleagues. I really don't want them stumbling upon a journal entry when I was pissed at them or even myself. At one time I could password-protect my Journal notebook but that feature is now gone. Can it return? Is there an alternative way to accomplish this? Am I missing something?

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I don’t think there ever was anything like a password protected notebook. I am in favor of it myself, but no solution yet.

The only solution is to encrypt text inside of a note. Plain text only, no formatting allowed ! Even a single bullet list or italic will break the feature. No attachments either - you can use external programs to encrypt a file before you load it into EN.

The probably easiest solution for your situation is to set up a second Free account for your very personal stuff. Set a strong password, enable 2FA. It is pretty simple to switch accounts. Just only 2 devices allowed, so maybe web client plus a mobile device, for maximum flexibility.

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